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Strategic Alliance to address talent war.


The ability for C-Suite leaders to attract and retain new and emerging talent for future growth remains a constant challenge. It is with this in mind that the COO Network has recently signed a strategic alliance with gigthree.  

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Digital Transformation


Senior leaders from Pinsent Masons share insights relating to digital transformation and the elements which C-Suite leaders need to consider.   Read the insights here

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The Emerging Role of the COO - MENA


We were delighted to share a MENA Perspective of the Emerging COO, which was featured in the COO Magazine. Our expert panel who included: Mandip Dulay, Founder of COO Network, Peter Tavener, CFO & COO of Beehive, Saad Chaudhury, Executive Partner of Gartner and Steve Haysom, CEO of Omnia share their insights relating to the emerging COO.


The evolving role of the COO

COO Bytes - Insights

Our founder, Mandip, shares the inaugural edition of #COObytes, a series of insights which highlight the elements impacting the COO and the evolution of the role.


Growth through design thinking & AI


Join experts from Thomson Reuters Labs and Omnia to explore how design thinking can drive artificial intelligence and data science innovation, whilst re-engineering growth


Sustainable Finance & Inclusive Growth


Leaders have a greater deal of accountability and must consider ways in which they can bring a respectable rate of return and environmental benefit, whilst transforming their culture. We explore the notion of green financing and how C-Suite leaders can drive effective change.


The evolving role of the CIO


As the world reforms to align with the new order, the role of the CIO will continue to evolve beyond just IT, with an emphasis on business operations and revenue generation. Explore how the role of the CIO will evolve and its impact to the COO.


Rebuilding talent for the new order


A panel of experts from Standard Chartered Bank, Pinsent Masons and Heidrick & Struggles uncovered the future of work, whilst addressing issues relating to rebuilding the talent base once businesses reemerge from the pandemic.


Navigating cyber crime


We shared insights through technical experts from Grant Thornton UK and Saudi Arabia, along with Clyde & Co. who uncovered the cyber-crime challenges, whilst reinforcing the mitigating strategies and legal implications to consider.


Economic Outlook and Restructuring


Senior Leader from Standard Chartered Bank shared a global economic outlook, followed by Partner and Head of Restructuring from PwC Middle East sharing insights on the financial and technical preparation required to realign during the pandemic.


Agility in remote working


With experts from McKinsey & Company we explored the notion of building agile operations which will facilitate effective remote working, whilst enabling continuity.

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The evolving working model


Our Founding Partner, Mandip Dulay, Chief Strategy Officer of Impact-me Group. shares her thoughts on the aspects which may have a lasting effect on the way we live and work, once we re-adjust around the world.

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Managing governance during a crisis


Our Founding Partner, Ashraf Gamal El Din, CEO of Hawkamah. shares his insights on the readjustments required in respect of governance during times of crisis and sudden change.

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Emotional Intelligence Leadership


Our Founding Partner, Angela Johnasson, Deputy-COO of Clyde & Co. shares her thoughts on the psychological impact which sudden change brings, along with the emotional intelligence leadership which is required to keep teams engaged.

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Business Continuity Planning


Our Founding Partner, Patrick Earl, COO of Al Tamimi & Company shares his thoughts on some of the practical issues which may not have been covered in your Business Continuity (BC) planning but which may be important now that we find ourselves in the eye of the storm of an unprecedented, global event

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Avoiding a cash crunch


Our Founding Partner, Peter Tavener, CFO & COO of Beehive shares his views on how the prolonged nature of the virus will cause challenges to cash flows, along with sharing insights on how this can be potentially avoided.

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Transforming with enterprise agility on 7 Oct 2020


If you are an organisation or a COO who is straining its human capital and financial resources in order to adapt to change, evolving customer preferences and the speed and transformation which technology has introduced then this session will be suitable for you.   

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VAT in the GCC

Our founding partner Pierre Arman, Market Development Lead (Tax, Accounting and Global Trade Management) for Thomson Reuters provides COO insights on VAT in the GCC. 

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Interview with

Dr. Ashraf Gamal El Din 

Our Founding Partner, Dr. Ashraf Gamal El Din who is the CEO of Hawkamah discusses the role of the COO in ensuring good governance in the Middle East.

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Interview with Peter Tavener 

Our Founding Partner, Peter Taverner who is the CFO and COO of Beehive shares his perspectives on the funding landscape and the evolving role of the COO.

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CxO Insight:

May 2019


As a supporting alliance of the COO network, read the latest news and development in relation to the IT and experience landscape in the May edition of CXO magazine. 

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Marketing in the UAE


Mandip Dulay looks at how to address an emerging market and some of the key trends in relation to marketing in the UAE as published in the May edition of PM magazine (international edition).

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CxO Insight: April 2019


As a supporting alliance of the COO network, read the latest news and development in relation to the IT and experience landscape in the April edition of CXO magazine. 

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CxO Insight: March 2019


CXO Insight Middle East is the most trusted source of strategic intelligence for IT decision makers in the Middle East. As a supporting alliance of the COO network, read the latest news and development in relation to the IT landscape in the March edition. 

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The bottom-line value of Cx


Mandip Dulay explores how legal firms can optimise the customer experience strategy in building a sustainable and competitive practice as published in Oath Middle East magazine (Feb 2019). 

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The rise of the CxO 


Mandip Dulay discusses a redefined position for the CMO in the PM (professional marketing) Forum magazine as published in the UK.