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C-suite professionals, particularly COOs operating in today’s rapidly evolving market must adopt a new set of skills and discipline in order to remain both relevant and reinvigorated for the future challenges which are on the horizon.  The impact of innovation and technology is further diversifying and shaping this role, with new trends emerging.

We believe in the vision of deriving business connections with a purpose, therefore we are pleased to introduce the COO Network, a platform which stimulates innovative thinking and collaborative connections amongst professionals.

The purpose of the network is to provide a platform which will drive networking, professional development, address key issues and offer a hub of ideas for individuals to consider and grow further. 

The network is open to business professionals whose role is aligned to that of a CEO, COO and Founders, with extended membership being offered on an invite only basis to Technology, Innovation, Marketing, HR, Finance and other key functional discipline leaders.


our guiding principles


We are committed to making a difference to the professionals, businesses and wider society in which we live and work. We pledge to deliver our responsibilities with passion, integrity and honesty, keeping our members best interests in mind.  We commit to identifying and developing the next generation of leaders so that we can ensure our commitment to our profession and wider business society is protected.


We will ensure our members gain the most from the new-found connections which they make, this will be driven through providing opportune occasions and platforms for professionals to interact with a diverse range of people, from whom they gain new skills and insights from.  We will continue to work with key providers of services, ensuring we offer trusted solutions to our members which address professional challenges.


We will continue to innovate the network model and benefits so that we are able to remain agile, fresh and creative with our solutions and offerings.  Furthermore, we will recruit those individuals into the network who continue to constructively challenge our thought process and support the drive towards innovation of business models and operating structures.


Aside from providing a platform for like-minded professionals, the network will continue to drive change and impact to the wider society.  We will provide social support to local foundations in the form of time, insights and funds to continue building the society which we live and work in.  Coupled with this, the network will provide impact to its members and a handful of nominated candidates who display signs of becoming promising future leaders.

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